Michael – Hughes (Part 4)

Hey guys and gals!  So if you are unaware of what’s going on here in college land. It the week before finals!!! Whoo!! Right??
It’s not Whoo, it’s all gloom and doom. Its all final projects, papers, and tests and I haven’t really even procrastinated on anything.
Meanwhile in high school land….in a far off place…. “Are we done yet? Can it just be summer already?  30 more days of school right?” Yeah we have all been there before.
High school is fun till the end starts dragging and then it’s all down hill the month of May. Well, the good news here at college is that you really don’t even go to school the month of May. For us this year it is finals week and graduation the first week of May and then we are OUT OF HERE!!! The question that may be come to your mind though, how do we survive if we do this two times a year?
Well you have asked a good question, we survive with our friends that we make. I know your like, “friends, what are those?” Right? Well these are the strange assortment of people you meet and start hanging out with at the beginning of the year. They either creep by your room and look in and start talking to you or they stalk you and show up places at your text or call.
These people start to grow on you and before you know most all of your free time is spent with them, these are what we call your “friends.”
Here at UCA we makes this process easy. We stick you in an area that is about half the size of a small theme park and we set you loose. We expect you to find food, we show where your shelter is and your classes maybe ( we will really show you where everything is, but this is fun writing ya know!).
Definitely not a Dismal Ordinary Room of Mine

Definitely not a Dismal Ordinary Room of Mine

More importantly this whole shelter thing. As an incoming freshman you live in a residence hall ( not a dorm, dorm= Dismal Ordinary Room of Mine) some of this residence halls are also home to residential colleges. For instance I live in Hughes Hall home of Hughes Residential College, Hughes Residential College theme is leadership; Short and Denney is home to the STARS Residential college where they are “living the Arts.” All in all there are there are five residential colleges EPIC Residential College  (Entrepreneurship, Public Scholarship, Innovation and Community Engagement) Bear Hall fourth floor, Hughes Residential College (Leadership) Hughes Hall, STARS Residential College (Living the Arts) Short and Denney, EDGE Residential College (liberal arts, global education and civic engagement) State Hall, and STEM Residential College (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Arkansas Hall. Each of these halls you can apply with an essay mentioned on that residential colleges page.

Okay so your shelter. Your shelter is your home, home is where the heart is, heart is family, family means Ohana, and Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind. SO yeah your friend group becomes your family. They are there for you when you are crying, dying, stressing, not sleeping, studying, succeeding and much more. The friends that I have made from the places that I lived are the people that I am going to keep in touch for the rest of my life. I had heard when I was getting ready to go to college, college is where you will find your best man or maid of honor, your best friends for life or maybe even your wife or husband.Micheal 4
You can have a social life in college- breathe, relax and proceed. I have successfully kept a social life, practiced and kept up with my homework. I have always had time to go and do, as long as I planned and prioritized.
Keep checking back!!
Michael 3

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