Top 10 Reasons to Live in a Residential College

10) Increase your chances of academic success.

Residential College (RC) students earn higher grades and are more likely to return to college after completing their first year.

9) Get to know your fellow Residential College students…

…while completing general education classes (all first –year students take three RC classes in the fall semester and 2 in the spring). The curriculum makes forming study groups a breeze and helps improve your social life.

8) Get involved in campus activities and civic organizations.

RC students are involved in many campus activities and work closely with local volunteer organizations to be a positive influence on the community.

7) Get to know your professors.

The Residential Colleges give you something no other residence hall offers…a full-time UCA faculty member living in the hall. These Resident Masters help to create an extended family atmosphere within the college (plus they’re pretty cool). Also, smaller class size in the Residential Colleges allows for more interaction with your other professors.

6) Take advantage of our study sessions led by mentors.

Residential Colleges have designated intensive study floors, requiring full-time quiet hours.  This is great for students who want a peaceful environment for study.

5) Residential College classes emphasize technology.

Because learning about and with technology is essential for today’s students, each of the Residential Colleges integrate WebCT/Blackboard enhanced classes and a technologically rich curriculum.

4) Only Hughes, EDGE, STEM, the STARS, and EPIC have peer mentors.

Advocates are older students who continue to participate in the Residential Colleges by assisting freshmen with everything from moving in to finding tutors for difficult classes. Many mentors are computer savvy students who are available to help residents with computer questions.

3) Enjoy additional activities that enrich your collegiate experience.

The Residential Colleges offer a wide variety of activities and social events, including field trips, camping, canoeing, caving, and intramural sports.

2) Make a smooth transition to UCA.

Being part of a Residential College allows you to take classes with other students who live in your building. You will make friends, form study groups, and feel at home quickly.

And the #1 Reason to join a Residential College…

Your classes are in your residence hall.

 Since many of the Residential College classes are held in the residence hall, RC students can often attend class without worrying about parking hassles or bad weather.