Kirsten – EDGE (Part 4)

In a wired world we are able to stay connected to more people than ever before. Unlike all of you, I am not the internet social butterfly. I only have about 100 friends on Facebook and 20 of them are my relatives. I only following 6 people on Twitter and I have only one follower on Twitter (sad I know). BUT I don’t feel like I am behind in the social world. I have connections; they are just in all the right places rather than in every place.

What are all the right places? Well there are a couple main ones, Victoria’s Secret and EDGE. For the purposes of this we will ignore Vicki’s (one of the 6 “people” I follow on twitter) and focus on EDGE.  I am going to be a little boring for awhile, but don’t stop reading – I get to the dramatic soap opera stuff soon enough.

Why is it so great to live in a residential college and why do I claim the connections are important? Because the best way to ace a test is to know what you need to study. Mrs. Jeffcoat our Resident Master and professor came to the classroom to help with my study group really prepare for her test the following day.  Connections with Tanya and other professors like her that work in EDGE are more important than just the grades. When you can establish a relationship with your professors they help you out later on by writing you letters of recommendation, recommending other professors to take and helping you find the right person to get you through the red tape. Res’ Colleges are the best way to form these connections because the classes are small and localized. You aren’t in a lecture hall with 60 people.

The new EDGE Labyrinth outside State Hall

The new EDGE Labyrinth outside State Hall

EDGE has TONS of programs in the lobby. This allows for networking. Networking gets your face and name into the minds of people who might be able to help you get ahead. They bring people from all over campus over to explain things about departments, services and sometimes just cool things like culture talks. It is through these that I was able to get connected with the Feminist Union and I sold vagina pops for charity. I have been informed about how to study abroad.  What I would consider the biggest social connection I have made is the associate dean of the college of liberal arts. I met him by volunteering for the courtyard project and I have really gotten to know him as we spent hours building the EDGE labyrinth together.

NOW onto the interesting more lovey-dovey stuff. Res’ college has given me more than just wonderful networking options. It has given me a family. I have made friends here that I know will last forever. When I came to college I didn’t have friends coming with me and all me and all my relatives lived hours away. But I have yet to be homesick. Because I have made a new home here. While I have numerous friends and acquaintances within the building I want to tell you about those I call my new family.

Chad and I

Chad and I

Sometimes we call ourselves the three musketeers and D’Artagnan. Chad, Nick and I are the musketeers and Hunter is D’Artagnan. This is not because she is lesser, but because she is different than us. If we were in The Big Bang Theory she would be like Penny to our Sheldon, Lenard and Raj.  Chad is the oldest in our little family. He is going to graduate this year, he is an advocate in EDGE (that explains his age difference). Chad helps out with all of our papers and such making sure we do well in our classes as well as introducing us all to new TV shows and music of a generation gone by.  Nick is the very calm one in the group. I may sometimes joke that if he was any more relaxed I would have to water him (house plant joke). He has a way of finding things on the internet that is hypnotic. His eye for art is outstanding. I am just me obviously; you should know me by now (if you have read all my blogs).  Hunter is the girly girl in our group. She likes crafts and bakes. She brings happiness and sunshine into our otherwise “living in the basement of their moms’ house kinda’ people”.

In conclusion (aren’t you glad I am finally shutting up?) EDGE or any res’ college really, is the place to be. It is where you can make connections for the betterment of your life. Professionally and informally. Friends and colleagues. My connections here are much more important than my Facebook friends or my one follower on twitter.

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