Michael – Hughes (Part 3)

Members of the Bear Marching Band (or BMB in campus-speak)

Members of the Bear Marching Band (or BMB in campus-speak)

Hey Guys! What is striped and feared at the same time? The stripes…a.k.a. the football field at Estes stadium. We’ve got to get you up to speed before you get here and make yourself at home here at UCA. Fun facts about the STRIPES real fast; we have the largest mascot on a field, we have the only alternating color field, and it the only field that represents both school colors. So we do I bring this up? Well one, its really cool to march on.

Yes if you haven’t got that figured out I’m also in the Bears Marching Band. We march pre-game, halftime and fifth quarter every home game rain or shine. So the real reason I bring up the field your wondering? It’s because it is different.
Different here like almost everything else in life, it is not a bad thing. Being different is what makes life interesting. These differences are what create diversity in our lives.
Since I have been here at UCA I have never had to look far to find something different from where I grew up. Yes I grew up in the middle of no where, granted my graduating class was 200ish; but the first school that I went to I would have graduated in a class of 20ish. Needless to say different didn’t come up and bite you on the butt that often there and still not to much more at my Alma Mater.
Hughes life

Hughes life

So when I got to UCA I had a fun time at first getting to know the campus and exploring, getting  my room all set up, and other things. What I really started to notice was that I wasn’t always hearing english all the time when I was walking around campus.

What I found out was that UCA host students from all around the world. I have met and made friends from China, South America (various places), Italy, Various countries from Africa and even Bulgaria (for all you Harry Potter friends). Diversity is something that UCA is not short on. Whether it is created by people from all over the US or the world, or even guest speakers and artist. I have grown so much because of this experience and have gained a great amount of appreciation for other cultures by hanging out and making friends with the exchange students.
Diversity is not just present in the obvious either. At UCA I have been exposed to many different schools of thought through the general education requirements that we have. These classes have challenged me to think in new ways and even have challenged my moral values.
College in general is supposed to be about broadening yourself, while here at UCA you have the opportunity to do that any where you walk on this campus. Whether it is meeting with a group of new friends in your lobby, a new roommate/suite mates, faculty and even in the subject matter of your classes. Every where you look there is something different, something changing and being pushed forward.
Being different is a good thing whether the majority wants you to fit their mold or not. Be different! It is far better to live and die being an individual, than it is to live life as a copy. Be an AVID individual here at UCA.
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