Daniel – STARS (Part 5)

Dan2Daniel. Marketing major. Freshman. STARS Residential College.

Among the greatest shocks in my college experience came at the start of my second semester. My friends and I had finally moved back into the STARS after a long break and I was eager and ready to start my new classes and see the faces I had missed the last few weeks. It took several days before I realized that there were missing faces. Casual acquaintances, floor mates…some were gone. I was startled when the realization fully settled. In high school everyone comes back after a break. But in college, sometimes, people don’t come back. These are people I will probably never see again.

No one is guaranteed success in college. Every student needs to be prepared to put effort into their studies. I knew people who slept through all their classes or never made time for class work but I don’t see them anymore. They didn’t make it through their first year. Sometimes I think of these lost friends and sometimes I miss them but I never understand them. UCA gave each one the potential to do extremely well.

Study areas. Advising centers. An extensive library and database. Easy access to tutoring. Professors who are available to meet with students individually. Residential Colleges. UCA gives us so much!

Residential Colleges are an invaluable asset to a freshman. I was fortunate to be in the STARS. I needed the help I could get, the help my Residential College offered me. If I had not utilized every benefit, every tool, every advantage UCA gave me I might have ended up as one of those people who don’t come back. This is my final semester in a Residential College but because of the STARS I am prepared to live without the STARS. Because of the STARS I have a bright future with UCA.

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