Seneca – EPIC (Part 5)

EPICCollege is a place for a person to explore their possibilities, to realize their talent, skills and put them into action. It is also a place where one can increase their knowledge and understanding and other principles that will help them to succeed not only in their career field, but in life. I said all this to say that college is not only for education, but scholarly development as well. I define this as skills that one can use to succeed out in the world. EPIC is perfect for this.

In EPIC you learn hard work, teamwork and you also learn numerous business concepts. If you are interested in entrepreneurship regardless of you major as I said earlier, EPIC is perfect for that.

I am wanting to perhaps start a gym. With my nutrition degree I am striving to be an expert is that field but that isn’t going to give me the know how to start a gym because it requires more than that. This semester coming up the teams are working on business plans and through that I will learn all the ins and out of owning my own business and making my dream become a reality.  The skills you learn in EPIC are skills to last a lifetime and, when used properly, will get you far.

So regardless of what kind of business you want to start, there is no better place to learn about it. EPIC puts you one step closer to business ownership. If it isn’t your dream to own your own business that’s fine, it isn’t for everybody.  You could share your knowledge with others or even become a business partner. The possibilities are endless.

So ask yourself – What are your dreams, goals and how can we help you get better?  I asked myself the same questions when I first came into a residential college. I was a bit skeptical that they could do anything for me because I wasn’t a business major. I was so wrong.

EPIC is doing more for me than I could have imagined, by putting my needs front and center and making me worth their time to make me a better student, and willing to step out and take chances. So I urge you, prospective student and current student alike, take a chance. Get involved and lets go places in EPIC Residential College.

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