Laney – STEM (Part 5)

  Ironically, Residential Colleges are the reason that I chose UCA over other colleges nearby. And I didn’t even know the full extent of how awesome Residential Colleges can be. But if you have been keeping up with my posts, I hope you have a fairly good idea of all of the awesomeness that awaits you here. And that you, too, will choose UCA over other campuses.

UCA is a beautiful campus, and that could be a fun reason to come here, but when you are looking into where you’d like to be living while you’re here, or at least where you’ll be living your freshman year…well, you should definitely consider Residential Colleges. And in case you aren’t already convinced of this, we’ll review the main reasons why:

  1. There is a Residential College here that could be the perfect fit for you. We have something for everyone:
    1. STEM: for science and math people
    2. EDGE: for global learning and liberal arts people
    3. STARS: for creative people who love music and art and theatre and such
    4. Hughes: for our future leaders
  2. Residential Colleges have Advocates in the building that are there just to help you. (You won’t get that at other colleges or in other regular dorms.)
  3. You get to have classes that are conveniently located and that are with your neighbors (easy study groups, remember?).
  4. There are plenty of awesome places to study here. In STEM we have Nerd Nodes (equipped with all the essentials) on every floor as well as a classroom that is available for studying at night.
  5. Residential Colleges have a pretty good reputation around campus, and you will find that this can be very beneficial.
  6. It is easy to get involved with community outreach via Residential Colleges (and if you aren’t interested in this just because, you should note that it’ll at least look good on your resume).
  7. And my favorite: the environment is perfect for creating lasting friendships. I mean, college can be pretty intimidating and stressful. And having a good group of friends to fall back on is essential.

So, I appreciate everyone who has been reading my posts over the last couple weeks and I hope that you will find at least some of what I’ve been saying to be beneficial to you. If what I’ve been saying about Residential Colleges does happen to intrigue you, then you should definitely feel free to ask me questions on here, via email (, on facebook (Laney Marie), or via twitter (@Laney_Mason). I don’t think I could ever fully explain how much STEM has meant to me over the past three years, but I hope that I have at least given you a glimpse. If you are in high school and you’re thinking about colleges or will be thinking about them soon, I wish you good luck and hope that you find the best fit for you (which, if you ask me, is probably at one of the Residential Colleges at UCA…).

Thanks for reading!



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