Jackson – EPIC (Part 5)

EPICAttending UCA has been one of the best choices that I have ever made. I have been given opportunities to participate in a huge variety of organizations and activities on and off campus. UCA’s Residential Colleges have been instrumental in helping me to be integrated into such programs as undergraduate research, working with local businesses, and even being a mentor in STEM.

Arkansas Hall (STEM) has special rooms set aside for studying called nerd nodes. My friends and I used to meet up for study sessions and meetings in the nerd nodes where we could collaborate on projects and help each other through our classes. In EPIC, students teamed up together often meet up in the HUGE classroom in Bear Hall and take advantage of the Smart Board for working on group projects. There are also study rooms throughout the building that give students a quiet place to get away and work in peace. This is especially nice during finals week when the library is packed!

One opportunity in particular that I am grateful for that I was presented with through STEM was the opportunity to do undergraduate research. Being in STEM allowed me to have a better understanding of all the different projects that I could sign on to. I chose to work in a lab that studied a specific type of breast cancer, and have been doing this for two years now!

EPIC has given me some great opportunities to work in teams and make good connections with UCA’s administration as well as a few businesses around town.

Having been in both of these programs, I can say that I truly feel as though UCA’s Residential Colleges has worked to put me front and center. From having teachers who work tirelessly to provide an amazing education to their students, to having programs and opportunities offered exclusively to students in Residential Colleges, and down to the design and technology in the buildings, it is clear that UCA cares about its students. I love this school and am thrilled to be a student where I am valued as an individual!

Thank you for reading these blogs! I hope that you consider UCA for you college education, and when you do, remember to join a Residential College!

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