Hunter – EDGE (Part 5)

EDGEI had no idea what my life was going to be like my first year of college. I was scared I wouldn’t make friends, the work would be too hard, and had all these other concerns I worried about all summer until move in day.



When I moved in to EDGE Residential College everything felt so real. Thankfully EDGE Residential College has given me a new perspective on cultures, differences and beliefs. Without the help of the tutoring hours in the classroom I probably wouldn’t have the GPA that I have earned.


My Residential College experience has helped me make tons of friends, try new things, and even become an Advocate for EDGE. I’m so thankful many of my classes were in my building and my professors were willing to help me in their own time when available.

I felt comfortable in the classroom in my building because my classmates were people I live with and see every day. My professors made efforts to help me understand the material being taught and taught using many different learning styles. EDGE Residential College made me adjust so effortlessly to college living and I’m so grateful to have lived there my first year.

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