Daniel – STARS (Part 4)

Daniel 5Daniel. Freshman. Marketing Major. STARS Residential College.

Relative to other colleges in our region UCA is a large university. One of its greatest strengths is the balance between the size of the student body and the expression of each individual on campus. Part of the UCA experience is the understanding that there are endless social, academic, and athletic groups and communities for one to become involved with. There are always new friends to be made or new experiences to be shared. The residential college program plugs each member directly into one such community, offering an essential base from which to branch out.


When I take a course I usually make friends with the people around me. By the end of the semester I’m sometimes close to these classmates and there is a mutual understanding that sometimes finals are the end of this fresh friendship.  It’s an unfortunate reality of our busy college schedules. Thankfully the community of the residential colleges is far more resilient.Daniel 6

The friends I have made through my experiences living in the STARS have endured mutual hardships and helped me recover from my darkest moments. We support each other when a relationship fails or a loved one is lost. These are the people I cherish in my life and would be lost without. Our living community has tied us together and I hate to think of the day we have to move out of home in Short/Denney.

Daniel 7

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