Outreach and CDI Central Receive Governor Quality Awards


UCA’s Divison of Outreach and Community Engagement and CDI have been awarded the Governor’s Quality Challenge Award! Left to right: Diane Tatum, CDI Advisory Board Member; Shannon Cantrell, CDI Graduate Assistant, Kelly Hunt Lyon, CDI Director, Kristy Carter, Outreach Executive Director, Kimberly Klotz, Marketing Department Graphic Designer

Outreach and CDI Central Receive Governor Quality Awards

Two departments within the University of Central Arkansas have been recognized by the Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence and awarded the Governor Quality Challenge Award.  The Division of Outreach and Community Engagement and the Community Development Institute-Central, were presented the award by Governor Beebe at the 2012 Governor’s Quality Awards Celebration on Monday, September. 24.

This award, which honors groups in the state striving for performance excellence, are two of only 17 presented statewide the year. “Excellence is one of Outreach’s core values and we are committed to being the best we can be, and we’re happy to be recognized at this level,” said Kristy Carter, Director of Outreach and Community Engagement.

The Governor Quality Challenge Award is the starting point for any organization interested I adopting and applying quality principles to attain performance excellence. “Even though we’re just at the beginning of the process, we’ve benefitted greatly from the experience.  UCA is a steward of a valuable state and regional resource and this will help us safeguard its future.” Said Ms. Lyon of the award, “Bill Craddock, a leader in the state and national quality process as well as an instructor for CDI, suggested this is a way to help CDI grow to the next level.”

The Governor’s Quality Award program is operated by the Arkansas Institute for Performance Excellence, Inc.  Developed by a team of volunteers, the program is designed to provide opportunities for all organizations in the state to measure their progress in the journey of performance excellence.

UCA is committed to the intellectual, social, and personal development of its students; the advancement of knowledge through excellence in teaching and research; and service to the community. UCA ranks 23rd in the category of “Top Public Schools” among regional universities in the South in the 2012 U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of universities and colleges. For more information on UCA please visit www.uca.edu/.

6 Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Location

by Courtney Schurtz

You have an event you want to have, chosen a date, now what about a venue? There are so many options these days, from conference centers, hotels, to outdoor venues. It really all depends on what type of event you will have, but below are some major factors to think about when picking a location.

The number one factor is the size of the location and the number of people you expect to have at your event. If you have 15 attendees, then you will not want a huge banquet hall. If you are expecting 500 people, then you will definitely need a large facility.

If you plan on having catering at an event, you should find out whether a venue has an on-site caterer or if all catering must be done through an outside vendor. Before choosing a venue, consider which option is more convenient for you.

Before looking at venues, set up a budget of what you can afford. There are different price ranges depending on the location. If you have a price point set up ahead of time, you will automatically narrow down your selection. When compiling a budget, consider fees such as rental, service, audio/visual, catering, decorations as well as the cost of additional vendors, entertainment or presenters.

Venue Location
Location of a venue is a big factor. It needs to be easy for attendees to find and be sure that there is enough parking for your guests. If you are not providing catering for your event, then consider the proximity to restaurants.

Are you looking for a professional environment? A casual environment? Or perhaps a party environment? Each event venue has its own atmosphere, so be sure to pick the right one for your event. Also, pick a location where the staff is friendly and readily available to assist you.

Special Needs
If you need any audio/visual equipment, be sure that the venue has any of these available, and if that is an additional cost. If you will have attendees register, be sure that the location has a registration area large enough to accommodate your needs.

Ultimately, choose a venue that fits all of your needs. Every event is different, as is every location. Good luck on your event planning experience!


Courtney Schurtz 

Courtney Schurtz

Courtney is a full time event planning professional at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center at the University of Central Arkansas. Courtney also has a degree in Public Relations. Courtney assists clients plan their entire events and provides on-site event management. For more information, and to contact Courtney, visit www.uca.edu/bhcc or email cschurtz@uca.edu

Outreach looking for Community Education Instructors

Call for Outreach Community Education Instructors!
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If you feel you have something of interest to share, consider becoming a community education instructor.
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